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Beautiful, historic 75-acre parcel with hundreds of open acreage surrounding the land that sits 1.5 miles north of Mancelona, Michigan, called the highest traffic point or the “Hub” of the US 131 corridor.  Mount Mancelona is surrounded by an outdoor recreation paradise including the Jordan River, Chain of Lakes and coastal communities and is the gateway for millions of tourists It is an incredible community-driven project to revive a historic 1952 built Ski Mountain and support a small Northern Michigan rural town revival.


We are recreating and restoring this magical untouched natural paradise as a 100-acre ski mountain resort that was built in 1952 to be an anchor for festivals and events with outdoor recreations four season programming.  We can host up to 5000 capacity for 2018 and potential over 25,000+ capacity for 2019 with the right investment based on our design with a camping and yurt, cabin, tree house, hobbit house, tiny house glamping back to nature experience.   We have 4-5 stages and building hi-speed internet for the site to offer live streaming from all stages and behind the scenes interviews.  We are organizing macro festivals focused on Mountain Biking to Disc Golf and supporting local Veterans to Youth Empowerment & Family Events. We want to be flexible by design with the ability to host big as much as intimate gatherings including historic lodge rentals, weddings, community fundraisers and company retreats.  The historic Lodge now sleeps 24 and is a step back in time from art and collectibles on the walls.  The lodge has full live recording and film services with a future top recording and “writing in nature” studio. We have the tools and resources for business to private retreats and aim to drive good work in our region.

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The boom & bust history of the town has led to 1000s of forestry and manufacturing jobs leaving (Mancelona is said to have built re-built Chicago with their pig iron manufacturing). It is right in the heart of beautiful Northern Lower Michigan where millions vacation, live life and enjoy four seasons of outdoor activity.  We aim for Mount Mancelona with our Beneficial LLC modeled businesses and our nonprofit 501c3 The Good Work Collective to lead a macroeconomic boost for the region as the hub of the 131 Corridor.


With our nonprofit The Good Work Collective we are developing a nonprofit farm on the grounds that is part of our “Grow A Feastival” effort which will celebrate annual harvests and fuel the festival.  The mission of the farm will be supporting youth, local pantry, education & veteran empowerment programs. The farm will be community-supported, self-sufficient, and provide agricultural products for our festivals/events.   This is a unique big purpose project for a struggling rural community that needs it more than most in Michigan.

The whole project is non-zoned and endorsed by the city, county, Rotary, MI Senators, and the Director of Ag/USDA, Jason Allen, who said we “are more applicable for state and USDA funding than anything he is working on in Michigan”.

We have many strategic partners and local business sponsors.  We first gained endorsement by Mancelona Township, Antrim County, Mancelona City Mayor, Traverse City Rotary & Marsha Smith, Triston Cole Regional House Representative & Michigan Senator, and Jason Allen (past senator now Director of Michigan Agriculture & USDA) as well as hundreds of regional local leaders, citizens and over 3500 Face Book fans in 6 months.  The whole project is non-zoned with unique state funding potential and capital options. Jason Allen, said we “are more applicable for state and USDA funding than anything he is working on in Michigan”.

Mancelona Township Supervisor Supporting the Vision for Mount Mancelona

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Mt. Mancelona
2497 Ski Run Rd Mancelona, MI 49659


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