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Nathaniel Taylor, aka DJ DomiNate, was born and still resides in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. Music has been a gift and came naturally since grade school for him as the strings were his first instrumental practices. DomiNate started when he was 5 years old with the introduction of the Violin and soon followed his musical education in the Viola, Stand-Up Bass and the Bass Guitar. While enjoying the rock band experience in high school, DomiNate racked up numerous awards with the Bass but soon after graduation, the band went their separate ways and DomiNate joined the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marines proved to be a turning point in his life where he was introduced to the electronic music movement sweeping across the nation in 2000. The love of the crowd appeal, the emotions felt and how the music took a grip on him and turned his attention away from the rock and roll, it wasn’t until after raising an autistic child until a fitting age that he was able to seek the music field once again and DJing was his passion in cue.

Since 2009, his mash-up work has quickly become a staple in his DJ work and plans to release his first full album in late 2012. He has taken these mashups to a completely different level in the sense or recreating, actually adding an element of his own design. “Electrified, Emotional Energy” or “E-Cubed” is what he classifies is the key to the creation of these mixes. Along with his process of creating these spliced masterpieces his natural ability to deconstruct a few songs in his head, rearrange them into what he feels the track is going to portray and accurately record them as such, DomiNate continues to revitalize existing works of art or change the emotion of a track into new club hits. Presently, he has 3 of his custom mashups broadcasted regularly on Northern Michigan’s WJZQ 92.9 the hits mainstream top 40 radio station with his signature mashup mix “Yeah Billie!” has been played in 178 countries on YouTube alone.

“You can take an acapella and an instrumental that may be of similar tempo and key, combine them and make it sound decent. But it goes farther than that because when I can isolate the original emotion of a track, add a new element that alters the feeling it originally left you with, it then characteristically leaves you with a completely different emotion. For me, it revitalizes an old hit to be appealing once more. In turn, “E-Cubing” can also bring a less popular vocal or melodic track and the change of emotion can bring it into the spotlight once again.” – DomiNate

As a DJ, his ability to accurately control any genre of music, the keen insight of what it takes to keep a dance floor full combined with live light and music production together on the stage has developed at a rapid rate where in April of 2011, DomiNate became the Resident DJ for The Streeters Entertainment Center and Ground Zero Nightclub where he worked alongside local and regional artists such as Franchise and Nino and nationally recognized groups including Bubba Sparxx, Ying Yang Twins, Savage, George Clinton and Three Six Mafia to name a few. In July of 2012, His travel performances include the BlissFest Music Festival, Hoxeyville Music Fest, Up North 4th Festival Lansing Microbrew Fest, and the Traverse City Microbrew & Music Festival. 2013 was a game-changing year in his on-stage performance as a mind-blowing visual element is added. Dominate’s music video production and visualization aspect he takes with him on the stage electrifies as live light production brings this Dj to a whole new level of entertainment. Since 2013, DomiNate continues to take on new events and venues while keeping residencies locally at Ground Zero Nightclub, Union Street Station and Porterhouse Productions.

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